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« Informational Content of Factor Structures in Simultaneous Binary Response Models », with Shakeeb Khan and Yichong Zhang, revised version of the NBER Working Paper 28327.  (March 2022). Supplementary material Forthcoming, Advances in Econometrics.

« Changes Across Cohorts in Wage Returns to Schooling and Early Work Experiences », with Jared Ashworth, V. Joseph Hotz, and Tyler Ransom, revised version of the NBER Working Paper 24160. (Featured in : VoxEUMarketWatch), Journal of Labor Economics39(4): 931-964 (2021).

« Rationalizing Rational Expectations : Characterizations and Tests », with Xavier D’Haultfoeuille and Christophe Gaillac (December 2020), based on portions of NBER Working Paper 25274 (« Rationalizing Rational Expectations ? Tests and Deviations »)Online Appendix Quantitative Economics, 12 (3): 817-842 (2021). R package RationalExp.

« Estimating the Value of Higher Education Financial Aid : Evidence from a Field Experiment », with Christian Belzil and Modibo Sidibé, revised version of the NBER Working Paper 23641, Journal of Labor Economics39(2): 361-395 (2021).

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« Estimating Selection Models without Instrument with Stata », with Xavier D’Haultfoeuille, Xiaoyun Qiu and Yichong Zhang, revised version of NBER Working Paper 25823, Stata Journal20(2) : 297-308 (2020).

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« The Analysis of Field Choice in College and Graduate School : Determinants and Wage Effects », with Joe Altonji and Peter Arcidiacono, In Handbook of the Economics of Education, vol. 5, edited by Eric A. Hanushek, Stephen Machin and Ludger Woessmann. Amsterdam : North Holland, 305-396 (2016). Also available as NBER Working Paper 21655.

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